How to Deal with Feedback in Essay Writing

At the start

In writing an essay or academic paper you must fully understand the question and the type of paper (term paper, research or dissertation.

Did you understand the question  ? Have you analyzed the question fully and appropriately? What kind of argument are you pursuing? What sort of answers would make sense in the context of this question?

During the research stage

What’s your initial thesis statement? Does it make sense? What kind of information should you be looking for? How does the information relate to thesis statement? How can you organize the information more effectively?

At the refined thesis stage

Does your refined thesis make sense? Does it include a specific claim and a ground plan of the essay structure? Are you organizing your ideas well? Have you missed anything?

After writing the first draft

Does your essay make overall sense? Is it interesting? Have you argued coherently and adequately for your thesis statement? Is your evidence convincing? Are your arguments and explanations clear? What about the introduction and the conclusion?

Final draft

How are your paragraphs? DO they each have a clear governing idea, expressed in a topic sentence at the head of the paragraph? Do the sentences coherently and adequately develop the governing ideas of the paragraphs? Are any of my sentences too long, or too complicated? Are you using cool, objective essay writing language ? Are you using too many passive verbs or abstract nouns? How about the grammar, punctuation and spelling?

After the tutorial

What do the tutor’s comments tell you? What contributed to the grade or mark that your tutor gave you?

How could you have improved the academic paper? What will you do differently next time? Maybe order an academic paper from an academic writing service in us

How to Choose a Title for Your Research Paper

It is possible that you will be required to write a research paper for which a title has been specified. In which case choosing the title is not an option and this will also constrain the searching process.

You will still need to perform your own search for appropriate research papers and in doing so you may need to identify appropriate sub topics and find a few papers on each of these sub topics.

However, if your title is not constrained then you need to choose an appropriate title for yourself.

As we have seen, given a general starting point, the searching process can lead you onto one of many focused subtopics any of which would be appropriate for a research paper.

Thus while you may define the general topic before you start your search you cannot define the precise title of your paper until you have found a cohesive and focused set of research papers.

The title has to reflect the content of your discussion and analysis and thus reflects the content on the papers you use.

As you may have some choice or control over your research paper title we will now consider that makes an appropriate title.

Not all titles need to use the word ‘research’ nor do they need to use the words ‘critical evaluation’ but the title you choose for your paper should: –

  • Reflect the narrow subject matter and
  • Reflect the purpose which is to present your analysis and evaluation of current research.

Choose a Research Topic for your Essay, Project or Paper